Abstract art has a broad appeal. Although I jokingly refer to it as non-offensive art that especially doesn't offend your decor, I understand its appeal. It makes you think...or it doesn't. It evokes emotions...or it doesn't. It challenges perception...or it doesn't. There's a message in it it...or there isn't. There's something for everyone and I don't mind getting a piece of that action. After all, my mission, as an artist, is to have a broad appeal too. This gallery is still developing...check back soon!


Although neon and bright colors were absolutely hot in the 80s, so were pinks and mauves paired with grey, taupes or other neutral colors. My 80s abstract palette has a modern twist so it's more fresh and less flashback. And sporting this piece of art on your walls is far preferable to wearing spandex, big hair and stonewashed anything.


This retro-graphic piece, showcasing my strong graphic design roots, was created as guitar art in conjunction with Operation Art Strings which partners with artists in a unique way to help veterans in distress. As a digital creator, I struggled with how to get this design onto the acoustic guitar. In the end, I actually hand-painted it. Check out my blog post 'Of Guitars and Giveaways' to see the hand-painted result, impressively close to this original digital design.


Starting with dark and distressed, I added the feathers in vivid pops of color, a contrast I hope makes for an eye-catching composition. Dark themes often work well when paired with something light, bright or whimsical. I'm not even sure if this constitutes Abstract art (clearly I'm an untrained troglodyte), but placing it in this gallery works for me.