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This diary is dedicated to my love of jazz music and musicians which will feature some of the greatest jazz vocalists and instrumentalists of the 20th Century. Like all of my diaries, this one is still developing and will be added to on a regular basis. If you have an affinity for jazz, you'll want to revisit time and again. And if you have a jazz favorite you'd like to see created, drop me a line. 

first ladies of jazz - 'billie'

Being a huge fan of jazz and jazz vocal standards I've created a tribute gallery to all things jazz that started with three of my favorite female jazz singers (each part of a triptych). This rendering of Billie Holiday is done in my usual style of texture, texture and more texture with an overall look I hope to keep consistent with all the images of this particular diary.  

first ladies of jazz - 'nina'

The haunting Nina Simone, the second vocalist in my First Ladies of Jazz triptych, is one of my favorite jazz vocalists of all time. The bold colors of this piece set the perfect mood for this smoky voiced and inspirational chanteuse.  

first ladies of jazz - 'sarah'

This portrayal of a young Sarah Vaughan, the third player of the Ladies of Jazz Triptych, captures her 'Sassy' essence, as she was nick- named in the industry. She was also nicknamed 'The Divine One' and deserves a divine representation of royal blues and moody violets.  

A great to addition to the All That's Jazz gallery of images, the great John Coltrane, from the album cover 'Blue'. Color is so important in conveying mood and emotion and I love the mood that this color palette evokes.  


This piece was inspired by a rainy Sunday afternoon jazz jam at San Pablo Harbor Yacht Club in Northern California, a venue my sister and I jokingly call 'Deliverance'. I snapped a pic of this soprano sax player sitting right there, next to that painting and  thought, 'this would make a perfect piece of artwork' and, well, it does.   

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