fabulous femmes

Modern portrayal of woman is strong, fiercely independent, able to fight battles on various fronts and capably competitive with her male counterparts. Part of me likes this portrayal, but another part of me can't deny being drawn to the old school models of grace, glamour and femininity. In this gallery of colorful characters the goal was to combine the best of both worlds. 

she wears my art on her sleeve

This piece is aptly named as her sleeves are comprised of many pieces of my artworks. Clever, do you not agree? I enjoyed creating this piece as I've always loved tattoos, from the time I was a kid and hoping to find the lick and stick tattoo in my box of Cracker Jack. Despite the fact tattoos are sadly de rigueur, I will always love them for their artistic value.


Two lovely birds welcome you to paradise. With her pet parrot on her shoulder, bold beauties both, she's a bird of a different feather. 'Birds' uses five different texture effects for the color palette making this one of my more colorful creations. 

Birds of Paradise was invited into Observica Magazine's Prime Edition 2021 


I thought this defiant subject could benefit from a layer of urban grit along with her laissez faire attitude. Brash women are much a part of my repertoire. Rebels and scofflaws; women who think rules were made to be broken. Does art imitate life? In this artist's case, maybe just a little.  


This Fabulous Femmes piece was inspired by fabulous hairstyle models. I wanted the colors of this piece to be as dramatic as the subject matter, with the exotic and distressed textures and street art edge that's often a part of my works. 


Misses Medusa was featured in Through the Looking Glass' 3rd community art show, El Paso TX / October 2021


There's much to see in this piece, from the bullet bandolier to the face paint, the common Bic lighter and the sheer attitude (inspired by a retro icon). With more of my favorite exotic elements, what's not to love about this feisty femme who feeds off war and oxytocin?  


This brings to mind my over indulgent youth. When I was too tired after work to enjoy a night out with friends but would often be persuaded to put on my glad rags and go. I wanted a retro vibe for this sleepy subject, adding a scratchy texture reminiscent of an old photo.


This piece was my first creation after acquiring a digital pen and sketchpad. An exercise in mastering the digital implements (like drawing at a remove) while experimenting with layers, textures and effects that would become my signature. Manipulating layers and removing imperfections at the speed of an Undo feels a bit like cheating, but digital art requires the same imagination + skill as its more traditional counterparts. And Steampunk has proven to be a potent first subject, selling at every show she's been in. 


Is Tiger Lily not an extremely colorful character? Vivid, with tropical foliage, multiple textures and an edgy femme front and center makes this particular early piece one of my favorites. 


Also known as 'Naked Face', when one commits a serious health and social faux pas, it goes on permanent record. Yet Naked Face is completely defiant in her non-compliance. Another piece of my 2020 Visions Series where the images speak of a very unprecedented time in world history.