fabulous femmes

Today's portrayal of woman is strong, fiercely independent, able to fight battles on various fronts and compete cleanly with her male counterparts. While I like this portrayal, I can't deny I'm drawn to the old school models of grace, glamour and femininity as well. In this gallery of colorful characters I try to combine the best of both worlds. 

war & oxytocin

There's much to see in this piece, from the bullet bandolier to the face paint, the common Bic lighter and the sheer attitude of the face borrowed from an iconic photo. All combined with a hefty dose of exotic colors and textures..what's not to love about this feisty femme who feeds off war and oxytocin?  

misses medusa

This Fabulous Femmes piece was inspired by fabulous hairstyle models. I wanted the colors of this piece to be as stunning as the subjects, with the exotic and distressed textures and street art edge I'm a big fan of. 

no fumar

I like the subject of this digital piece and felt it could benefit from a little urban grit and grime. The attitude of this subject is very laissez faire, is it not? Bold, brash women are much a part of my art...women who tend to questions norms and flout convention. Women who think you can never break too many rules, dahling. Does art imitate life? Maybe just a little.  

too tired for

I wanted a retro theme for this subject, adding a scratchy texture reminiscent of an old photo while keeping the palette somewhat monochromatic to further the retro mood. Inspired by a friend who wanted to go out for cocktails. I was too tired to go out, but never too tired to drink. 

steampunk saloon

This was the first illustration I created shortly after being gifted a digital pen and sketchpad. It was  more an exercise in mastering the digital pen (feels like drawing at a remove) while playing around with textures and layer effects. The beauty of digital illustration is that I can remove layers that don't work at the speed of an Undo. Feels a bit like cheating, but digital art requires the same imagination + skill, even if achieved in less than traditional methods.  

tiger lily

Is Tiger Lily not a brazen little beauty? In this piece I went a little crazy with color. Vivid, with tropical foliage, interesting textures and an edgy femme front and center makes this particular piece one of my all time favorites. But then, I say that every time I finish a piece.

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