~fan art~

Artists like to create representations of well-loved celebrities, film scenes, musicians, athletes or animated characters. This gallery is where my favorite fan art will dwell in digitally-rendered glory. Nothing typical like Marilyns or Morrisons, but public figures or characters that appeal to moi, yours truly. And I'm a tad egotistical enough to think they'll never look better.

"the great chinggis khan"

This piece of fan art was inspired by The Hu, Mongolian musicians who combine the cultural art of throat singing with Western metal. Enough for me to become a big fan. Created from a video screen shot of The Great Chinggis Khan, I was intrigued by this imagery and thought it would make a piece of fan art extraordinare.

"wolf totem"

As a companion piece to The Great Chinggis Khan, I offer Wolf Totem inspired by the song of the same name, again by Mongolian metal artists, The Hu. In the song's official video I was captured by the imagery of gladiators, old and new on a dawn (or dusk) advance, and compelled to re-create it. 

"anthracite eyes" / "girl crush socialite"

Two tribute pieces to 60s It Girl and Factory muse, Edie Sedgwick. Rebel socialite and 'poor little rich girl', she has been a style icon and fashion inspiration through the generations, and admittedly, inspired a fascination inspiration with this artist. Purchase her as diptych for a dynamic duo, you can thank me later.


This fan art was inspired by an Oriental Dubstep music video, Don't Break It with Kamancha (the musical instrument), by artists Anna RF. I like this imagery's sense of solitude and the somber expression on the musician's face. I gave it a more somber palette along with grungy elements and using actual photos of rock texture as an effect layer. 

~nothing kills creativity quicker than comparison. don't go there~

"session 17"

This is another early Sketchie Beast 'sketch session' (#17) using a screen capture of a video by Oakland-based artists, Beats Antique. The fierceness of what I imagine is a post-apocalyptic warrior sporting an anticipatory grin of battle is both fierce and visceral. Two impact elements I love using in my artworks.