fan art is fun art 

Artists like to create representations of well-loved celebrities, movie or TV scenes, musicians, athletes or animated characters. This gallery is where my favorite fan art will dwell in digitally-rendered glory. And I'm egotistical enough to admit they'll never look better.

This piece of fan art was inspired by the Hu Band, Mongolian musicians who combine their cultural art of throat singing with Western rock. Created from a video screen shot of 'The Great Chinggis Khan', I was intrigued by this striking image of what I imagines is a seer or storyteller and thought it would make a great piece. This is also a companion piece to 'Wolf Totem', inspired by a song of the same name by the same band.


This piece of fan art is inspired by the song of the same name by Mongolian metal band, The Hu. In the song's official video I was captured by the mix of old and new imagery and compelled to create it as an art piece. This artwork is a companion piece to 'The Great Chinggis Khan' and will be part of a tryptich with an upcoming third piece.


Two tribute pieces to 60s It Girl and Andy Warhold muse, Edie Sedgwick. Rebel socialite and 'poor little rich girl', she has been a style icon and fashion inspiration through the generations, and admittedly, inspired a bit of a girl crush in this artist.

This Fan Art was inspired by a video from the music artists 'Anna RF'. Per the artist's usual M.O., the subject was first illustrated in Adobe Illustrator, then effect layers added in Photoshop mixing grungy elements with actual photos of rock texture. 


With belly dance being a great passion, I find much inspiration in this art form and with the many dancers who perform on the circuit. In this stylized imagery of a popular tribal dancer, I wanted to convey the erosion of the ancient along with multiple pattern layers for added texture and depth.  


Most-Wanted Warrior is one of my earliest pieces of fan art. Created from a screen capture of a video by Oakland-based artists, Beats Antique, the fierceness of this warrior sporting an anticipatory grin of battle as he removes the concealing hood from his head, is both fierce and visceral and I like that!

© 2019 by Victoria Caro Johnson / The Sketchie Beast

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