~it's dark in here~

Art ain't always light and bright. There are dark representations throughout its history. Whatever the theme: gritty, macabre, somber, disturbing, inappropriate or dark humor, whatever the reason, it obviously carries its odd appeal. Wander through this somewhat inky gallery and appreciate art on the 'darker side'. Just remember to turn the light on when you leave.


Hooked is a dark little whimsy. The Little Mermaid she ain't. The underwater hues and splashes of crimson are a quite fitting palette for this unfortunate sea creature who's been hooked in a most unfortunate manner, and where escaping the pull of dry land will prove to be a bit uncomfortable.

"cleaning house"

This piece was inspired by something as mundane as cleaning out my closets and cupboards, but of course it has a deeper meaning. Cleaning House can be interpreted one of two ways; sucking out the clutter of manipulated thought to prepare a 'clean space' for truth and beauty to move in, OR a clutter dump. Let the beholder decide. 

~the fruit of the imagination can be vivid, vicious or valhalla. sometimes all three. at the same time~

©TBS_Cleaning House.jpg
"murder within murder"

Corvids (crows) are my favorite birds. Their raven plumage, their eerie intelligence, their penchant for shiny things (I can relate), their giving of gifts, their tribunals, and sometimes their dark behavior such as the depicted, quite typical of a 'murder'. 


Meet Figurehead...my weathered romantic beauty who will guide you to safe harbor. Or drag you through the shoals, depending on your charted course. Figurehead uses 40+ texture and effects layers to give her a well-weathered look, been through numerous stormy seas kind of look. Take the journey, she's waiting.

"dead snow zombies"

Despite the reign of the Nazi regime being quite repulsive, it's bizzarely kept alive through the decades. From best-selling books to movies, it's a dark dot on 20th century history that nightmares are made of. This piece was created from a screen capture of the movie Dead Snow Zombies. If you thought Nazis were scary in their corporeal state, the flesh-eating undead ones are more so.  

"monday noir"

This piece is pure noir...a little edgy, a lot dark, the crying female pure pulp with her nose and mascara running freely. And since Monday is a day that’s universally disliked, it’s a day made for noir. As with all noir, this piece is not for the socially sensitive. 

Monday Noir was featured in the Pop Culture & Trashy exhibition hosted by ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach CA / Oct - Nov 2021