it's dark in here

Art ain't always light and bright. There are dark representations throughout its history. Whatever the theme: gritty, macabre, somber, disturbing, inappopriate or dark humor, whatever the reason, it carries its own appeal. Wander this somewhat inky gallery where inspiration can be found in all the wrong places. Just remember to turn the light on when you leave.


The inspiration for this piece came one fine summer day after hearing the Billy Idol song of the same name. How apropos for 2020. Which will go down in history as the year noses and mouths became a mystery. This image, along with 5 others, is part of The Sketchie Beast's 2020 Vision Series featuring the ascerbic art of Covid.


Meet 'Figurehead' weathered romantic beauty who will guide you to safe harbor. Or drag you through the shoals, whichever your charted course of choice. Figurehead uses 40+ texture and effects layers to give her the well-loved, weathered look. Take the journey, she's waiting.


This piece was inspired by something as simple and mundane as cleaning out my closets and cupboards. Cleaning House can be interpreted one of two ways; sucking out the clutter of manipulated thought to prepare fertile ground for truth and beauty to thrive OR providing a clean space in which to house more crap. Let the beholder decide.   


One of three pieces created for a Halloween series, Hooked is 35  layers of a dark little whimsy. The underwater hues and splashes of crimson are a quite fitting palette for this unfortunate sea creature who's been hooked in a most unfortunate manner, and where escaping the pull of dry land will prove to be a mite uncomfortable.


Also known as 'Naked Face', when one commits a serious health and social faux pas, it goes on permanent record. Yet Naked Face is completely defiant in her non-compliance. Another piece of my 2020 Visions Series where the images are sold as a set or separately...but why split up a perfect act? 


From horror movies to music to art, October is a month made to indulge in dark themes. And far be it from an artist born in October to pass up an opportunity. Such as this piece, the second feature of my Halloween series created especially for that October vibe.  


This nocturnal urban creature and his pugilistic tendencies are symbolic of the fighting spirit, something very prevalent in today's society. It represents battle; for good or bad, choosing your battles, and being prepared to duke it out when battle presents itself. For this piece I added pencil-sketched details. A technique that's new to my developing repertoir.


More 2020 Vision fun. Maybe not in the best of taste but in perfect form. As Covid feels the best place to be found during societal chaos is sitting poolside sipping beer of its same name and watching it all unfold on the big screen. Damn cheeky bug.


Despite the reign of the Nazi regime being quite repulsive, it's bizzarely kept alive through the decades. From best-selling books to movies, it's a dark dot on 20th century history that nightmares are made of. This piece was created from a screen shot of the movie 'Dead Snow Zombies'. If you thought Nazis were scary in their corporeal state, the flesh-eating undead ones are more so.  


This piece was created for social media as a cynical Noir du Joir status post. Since Monday is a day that's universally disliked, it's the perfect day to inject a little edgy humor. As with all noir, it's not for the sensitive or easily offended.