make music, not war

In an ideal world, we would all get along with our neighbors and make beautiful music together. But this is a less than perfect world. Despite that, we find beauty and inspiration where we can. May you find some of it in the perfection of music and art. Or in art that represents music. Whether created in a perfect world, or not.


Cellist portrays the fabric of life as my artistic sensibilities perceive it; a weave of the good and the bad. Love and laughter living side by side with sadness and strife. In the end it will be all that is good that prevails.


Flamenka is a bold beauty with an interesting juxtaposition of elements and a wood plank texture that makes visitors at my art shows ask: 'Is it painted on wood?' No, but what a grand illusion! I used several effects layers adjusting hue and color to achieve the tropically-flavored color palette. Flamenka is a show-stopper wherever she travels.


This piece was inspired by a rainy Sunday afternoon jazz jam at San Pablo Harbor Yacht Club in Northern California, a venue my sister and I jokingly call 'Deliverance'. I snapped a pic of this soprano sax player sitting right there, next to that painting and  thought, 'this would make a perfect piece of artwork' and, well, it does.   


Meet 'Banjoe'. Prosaic title, I know, but sometimes I'm human...I struggle with a title or two. Starting with inspiration from a simple stock photo, I added layers of texture and a desert palette of colors for a digitally rendered illustration more brilliant than its name (and I'm prosaicly modest, too).  

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 Ecclesiastes 3:11