nature calls

It's easy to find inspiration in the beauty of nature. Most artists do. But how the artist represents and arranges it is what separates one from another. Not often representing it in traditional or literal fashion, I add my elements of erosion, corrosion and imperfections that are typical of my work.

pink perfection

'Pink Perfection' is an homage to my love of camellias. Camellia Japonica, to be exact. In Japanese lore, Samurai did not like tsubaki (camellia) and considered them unlucky. Unlike other flowers that drop petal by petal as the bloom is spent, camellia fall, like severed heads, from the branch. Unlucky or not, they are nothing short of perfection. Exceptionally carefree, they thrive where planted. Is it any wonder they are my spirit flower?


What most of the country would call 'storms' are few and far between in Southern California. After all, we are perceived as the land of eternal sunshine. But when storm clouds do gather, it's cause for celebration amid news headlines that scream 'STORM WATCH!' With nimbus getting such epic treatment, how could I not give Pacific Storm such a dramatic palette?


As I watch or read the news of the day, as I see people on social media explode over political and societal issues and treat each other as figurative punching bags, I'd like to just fly above it all. Which is what inspired 'Flight', meant to convey escape, freedom, rapture and the perfection of flying in unity.


This piece is decidedly personal. Created specifically for an artist's mindset challenge, I did some soul-searching for its creation (something I don't do often with my works). And it's proven to be cathartic as well as a beauty for other's to behold, or so I've been told. There are many texture layers in this piece, especially for the dramatic sky. And a few surprises. Someone told me they saw a face in the clouds. That I did not intend.


Starting with dark and distressed, which is a typical signature, I added the feathers in vivid pops of color. A contrast I hope makes for an eye-catching composition. Dark themes often work well when contrasted with something light, bright or whimsical.   


'Hidden Tiger' was created to donate to a silent auction. I wanted a piece that was arresting in color and composition. It took several effects layers to accomplish the vibrant tropical foliage and, as is typical of my work, added several textures, one of them an intentional water damage. 

A LONELy Baobab

Originally titled 'A Lonely Baobab and Its Clear Reflection', admittedly that's a mouthful, so the title was shortened to 'A Lonely Baobab'. It represents the times in life when one feels alone. While many fear solitude, it can be a time to clearly reflect, without interference or distraction, on life's worth and purpose. 


This whimsical piece, with a mid-century flavor, started as a photo my sister-in-law snapped at Corona del Mar Beach in Southern California. I wanted to create a piece that clearly says: Southern California, where even the gulls love body boards. 

Ode to Summer is part of Big Waves Laundromat's ongoing local art showcase, Santa Monica CA