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2020 Vision: A Series of Images

Introducing 2020 Vision. A series of images where the caricature of year 2020 meets my acerbic wit and mingles in vivid fashion. While there hasn't been much about 2020 to cheer about or celebrate, it has been therapeutic in its own way in that I was able to sit still long enough to create, and most importantly, finish this series.

While this is MY vision of how 2020 has presented itself, none of the images are meant to be taken as political commentary. It may be irreverent (some of my art is) but it's all created in the spirit of, well, creativity. So sit back, grab a cold (or hot) one, scroll through and view 2020 through my artistic-tinted spectacles.


The inspiration came to me one fine summer day after hearing the Billy Idol song of the same name. And I thought 'how apropos for 2020'.


Also called 'Naked Face'... when committing a serious health and social faux pas, it will go on permanent artistic record.


When it comes to a pandemic, 'safety first' cannot be stressed enough.


What's the inspiration? Cootie used to be my favorite game as a kid. I was fascinated by their hard plastic body parts in primary colors. I need no more inspiration than that. But if I must tie it in with the ongoing dare those bulbous bugs stick out their tongues at the first rule of super-virus non-survival?


My burning question for 2020 has been: where's Covid in the midst of societal chaos? Sitting poolside and slugging Coronas. Damn cheeky bug.

All 2020 Vision prints are 16x20 and can be purchased in The Sketchie Beast store.


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