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A Dying Year, a Look Back and a Heartfelt Thank You

When faced with the end of one year and the beginning of another, I'm all about the tions... direction...introspection, and most of all, reflection. Especially when it comes to my artistic journey. Year 2023 was good to me. I would like to think the best is yet to come and don't want to think about a worst, but I'm still journeying. Here's lookback at a few of the year's highlights.

Come with me as I continue the journey. I am honored that you have ridden along since I first picked up the digital pen in 2018 and started sharing my fledgling creativity on social media. Creative endeavors can be a bumpy ride. But taking the road less traveled by, in the words of Robert Frost, has made all the difference.

Do I regret not taking the road less traveled by when I was younger? Not when my father's words were resounding in my ears that art is no career for those who like to eat (really encouraging, dad). The only thing that bothers me about starting older is my knees and back when I'm heavy-lifting at a festival. I sometimes imagine how much further I could travel with a younger energy, but the truth is, I wasn't ready then. My time is now.

A friend of mine always says 'timing is everything'. Timing has been everything good so far. A rejection or creative misstep doesn't phase me, as long as I keep putting pen to pad. It seems I've been given enough chutzpah for five artists so I go all out, all guns firing. Talent is one thing. Talent plus chutzpah can put you on a whole other level, if that's where you're meant to be.

Here's looking forward to a fabulous 2024. I hope you will ring in the New Year in style. Unlike myself who gets a kick out of texting people on my Contact list so I can see the fireworks go off on my phone. Yup, it doesn't take much.


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