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I Love a Happy Ending

Festival season has officially ended. These being the shows of a more 'involved' nature. While I will be participating in more gallery shows, such as the upcoming La Habra Art Association member's

exhibit and an opening exhibit at a new gallery in the downtown Ontario Arts District (more on these later), this is officially my season of rest. Besides, my digital stylus and pad are anxious to create new art. I have a folder full of inspiration and can't wait to dig in.

I always wind up the season on a happy note, but this year especially so. At the Ontario Arts Festival on October 21st, I sold my 3ft City of Fallen Angels...and it wasn't even for sale! I consider that a most excellent bonus. I brought it to the festival to use as a contest piece. If fairgoers were able to find the tiny Dollar Tree store in the picture they won a prize. Five winners were recipients of greeting cards, a throw pillow and a tote bag featuring Sketchie art. The winners were happy and I was happy when a fairgoer returned and asked to purchase City of Fallen Angels.

This being my third year participating in the Ontario Arts Festival, it's been a particularly good venue for me. God willing, I'll return next year. That is, if I'm not too busy being famous (an artist can dream, can't she?).


Now Showing at the California Welcome Center, Yucca Valley

Six pieces of my artwork are now on display at the California Welcome Center of Yucca Valley, including my contest winner, Outmoded Time Machine. the artwork that awarded me standing wall space at the Center. But the best news of all, Outmoded Time Machine was sold within a day and a half of hanging it, as well as another print requested by another purchaser. And while it's a four hour round trip to bring out the additional prints, it's well worth it to know my Outmoded is a popular piece.

Also on display at the Center are these California-themed pieces: Burnt Offering, City of Fallen Angels, I Love Palm Springs, A Day in Novato and Roll With It. All art prints, as well as Outmoded, can be purchased online from The Sketchie Store as well as great art merchandise. Get a jump on your holiday shopping and visit the store today.


In Conclusion...

...and not to overlook this small community event, back in September my Origarmy: West Above the Storm was featured in the City of Stanton's third annual art exhibit 'Exploring the Unknown'. The city provided spectacular entertainment with Symphony on the Go and always does a great job presenting artworks from artists of all ages, experiences and walks of life. This was my second showing in this fledgling event and we artists would certainly love to see it grow! Perhaps make a point of visiting this community art exhibit next year. Or, if you fancy yourself an artist, submit your own art for next year's exhibit.



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