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Last Quarter Reflections & New Project Beginnings

Now that my busy season is coming to an end and my metronome about to set at a slower tick, I'll be indulging in an important last quarter event: reflection. Reflecting on the year's accomplishments and on things that didn't work out so well. Typical last-quarter reflections.

It's also a time of planning. Planning for next year's events. Thinking about where to place my energies and where not to. Fine-tuning my discernment between key opportunities or just a FOMO-induced crowding of the schedule (which can lead to serious burnout). Planning doesn't only involve the mundane and mechanical. There's also the excitement of creative planning.

There's a project that I've had in mind for the past few years, bubbling and brewing on a back burner. Once in awhile it will send me a little poke that it's still there...percolating...waiting. Until recently when a timer went off in my noodle--ding!--it's time to begin.

Which will lead to another end-quarter activity; ADVENTURE. I'll be roaming around the southland with my trusty Nikon taking photos of...well, I can't tell you that now. This project is not about photography. My trusty Nikon is only instrumental in helping the project get a good, strong start.

How enigmatic does that sound? You'll just have to wait to be enlightened.


Memories of Hale'iwa

My latest piece, Memories of Hale'iwa, will be showing in Memories On Exhibit at the La Habra Art Association gallery in La Habra, California. The exhibit features many artists' works in the theme of memories which will include not only art, but photos, clippings, and mementos fond or bittersweet

The memory associated with my piece is one of my best; an early morning stroll on a North Shore Beach. The rain had cleared from the previous night and the world felt reborn. There was hardly a soul in sight as I strolled, and the peace and contentment I felt that morning I'd be hard put to describe. The island blood is strong in this little artist and this is one of my more perfect recollections. Oahu, I hope to return some day.

Memories on Exhibit begins September 9 with opening reception on September 17th at 2 pm.

The gallery is located at 151 W. La Habra Blvd., La Habra 90631


Fear of 'Weather' Puts a Damper on Ontario Art Walk

My introduction to Ontario Art Walk on Saturday, August 19th was a little disappointing, but the blame lay entirely on the weather. Hurricane Hilary (or tropical storm to those who know better), caused a bit of unease amongst citizens of the southland and kept them in, for the most part (if they were out they were likely panic-buying bottled water). Plus it was muggy as heck, making for a swampy set up and tear down. But that's OK. I still enjoyed engaging with the public who did have the courage to venture out and seek entertainment.

The low attendance due to weather concerns did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm of wanting to participate in this event on another occasion. The volunteers at the event were stellar, as they always are in the Ontario Arts Area, so I hope to see them again soon.

My next (and last) event of the year will be at the Ontario Festival of the Arts on October 21st from 9-5 pm. Mark your calendars!


In Conclusion: Squeeeeee!

When I get a bit of time after a hectic, heavy schedule I like to sit with my sketch pad and have a little fun. Which produced my latest, Little Cat. Such a cute little kitteh. Beans up if you agree!


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