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Next Stop On The Sketchie Beast Tour

For my next event, I will be a Featured Artist at the Ontario Festival of the Arts in Ontario, California, presented by Chaffey College Museum of Art. An annual event that draws an enthusiastic crowd of art fans and aficionados.

This will be my second showing at the Festival of the Arts and I was excited to showcase again. The Inland Empire has a thriving art community and this was the most successful show, as far as public interaction, I've participated in so far. You go, Inland Empire!

I hope to recapture that creative energy once again, but however it goes down, I'm always be a showboat. I so enjoy mingling with the public. Answering their questions, sharing my inspiration, explaining my technique, and just having a good time. Sure, I can sell my art online and spare myself the agonies of wrestling with a canopy, setting up, tearing down, and hauling it all back into the car, trying to make it fit when exhaustion has set in (never more do I appreciate my Tetris skills). But the missing element is engagement. Which can hold more value than sales. Yes, I'm 100% serious.

Come to the festival and ogle my Pugilistic Tendencies which represents the contentious spirit and compulsive need to battle moving through society.

I will be showcasing many new pieces, as well as greeting cards and small prints. Start your holiday shopping early, chill in the beer garden, listen to some live music. There will be many other artists at the festival so get thee to the I.E. and be a part of this great gathering of art and artists on October 15th!



"When the Sky Opened" 20x16 original digital

The latest addition to my Tales of Apocalypto gallery of greats. It's no secret I like my art on the dark and heavily saturated side. When the Sky Opened fits the bill...the fiery red hues, the lonely rural tableau and the lightning storm feed my need for drama. Which I demonstrate in my art, not in familial or societal relations. And here's a fun Sketchie Beast factoid: I have an intense fear of lightning, probably more so than most. Why? I have dreamed a few times of getting struck by it. Yikes!


"Open to Interpretation" 20x16 original digital

O, what happened here? An empty chair. An overturned wine glass. Use your imagination. It's Open to Interpretation. And I got a few clever interpretations on social media:

"Who knew the invisible man was so clumsy?"

"Camilla, the moment she realized she'll never be queen"

"Empty chair. Empty promises."


"Murder mystery" which led to "It's a crime in itself to spill that wine"...well that depends on the points. And I'll leave that to your imagination.


"Beautiful and Dangerous" 11x17 original digital

What happens when baby girl's had enough of your BS? As the song say's, there is nothing to discuss. Does my art sometimes have the taint of violence? Yes. Do I condone it? Hard no. Do I glamourize it? Perhaps, but not as a serious endeavor. Violence is everywhere, just turn on the news, watch a movie, play a video game. It's inescapable and this is how I mirror society. On the flip, I'm an extremely peaceful person, to the point where friends and family tell me I need to react more. Jeepers, there is just no pleasing people.


"Over the Rainbow's End (She'll Fly)" 11x14 original digital

Here it is! Proof positive that not all of my art is doom and gloom and apocalyptic. Sometimes, when the mood strikes, I create works that are bright, colorful and happy. Especially when it comes to birds. I love birds for their ability to fly above the crap of this world. Oops. I just went and got gloomy again.


STAY TUNED for more news, events, new art, art merchandise and promos. Thank you for tuning in, for subscribing, for being a fan. You are truly appreciated!


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