The Latest Gem from my Digipen

'Cleaning House' was inspired by something as simple and mundane as, well, cleaning house.

Over the past weekend I've been clearing out my room, clearing the home. Getting it 'holiday ready'. Tossing the junk that can bog one down, make one feel crowded out. Casting off old tired attachments, making free spaces to utilize more efficiently.

Cleaning is a therapeutic activity; whether cleaning out the trunk of your car, organizing your work files, removing clothing or shoes from your closets you haven't worn for years (why do we hang on so?) to sweeping those cobwebs from the attic, both literal and figurative.

My newest piece, 'Cleaning House' has a deeper meaning, as art often does. And the beholder will draw their own conclusions. Do you see a sucking out of the clutter of media manipulated chatter to prepare fertile ground for truth, beauty and intangibles to survive and thrive?

OR do you view it as providing a sterilized space in which to house more crap?

Perhaps it's a representation of thought submission...the removal of individuality so we're all a non-offensive, uniformly happy and productive hive that lives together in peace and harmony, forever and ever, amen. A la the Stepford community (a favorite work of fiction). Is that not a global concern? That we work towards perfection so we can be as One?

If there's One thing that has demonstrated time and again, there is no such thing as perfection. Not on this earth. Even my art has its intentional flaws. Because only if we are aware of lies, ugliness, chaos can we know the true redeeming qualities of truth, beauty and peace. There's a danger attached to the culture of being completely submissive to the fallen man-manufactured sentiment of 'perfection' because one man's perfection...well, you see where I'm going with this.

I'll let you, the beholder, interpret 'Cleaning House' as you wish. Perhaps you like it just for the hell of it. I can dig that too.

'Cleaning House' original is 18x24. Smaller prints are also available. Click here for purchase inquiries.

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