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The Sketchie Beast Store is Open!

2020 has shifted my creative perspective. Although new to fine art sales and art shows, I had best laid plans. And then all my fine plans were felled, one by one. Like dominoes.

And just like that, I was without a platform on which to sell my art. Just as I was starting to get my feet wet, someone drained the pool. Friends, family and fans asked if I had an online store. As a newly-mined artist I barely had time to catch my breath creating works that were worth selling, never mind jump into the headache of setting up a store. Of course it was the next logical step. Something I had planned to do in the future. 2020 just helped me to push the warp speed button.

After a few months of researching products and pricing, gathering print estimates from the vendors within my network, deciding what types of products to sell, and having extra time to do it all (thank you Cv19), I'm thrilled to announce The Sketchie Beast online store is now OPEN!

Besides selling my art prints, the store will feature items such as tote bags, paper products, novelties like phone cases, mousepads and artsy home decor. I hope it to be a fun and satisfying experience for all who visit the store.

Being new to online sales, I'm sure, in the beginning, it will be a monster to manage. But I learn as I go, and quickly. Another notch to add to my headboard of experience at a time when diversifying one's talents is critical in the uncertain economic realm in which we're living.


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