retro active

I absolutely love retro. Especially Polynesian Pop and swinging Mid-Century Modern. Especially the two combined. Not a highly original genre, but a classic I strive to make my own with modern edge and texture. Here's where I raise my martini and say 'cheers' to all things kitschy-cool. 


Mid-Mod flare combined with funky patterns and textures, this piece is a little brighter than my usual heavily saturated fare. The inspiration for this piece was found at an antiques store in San Dimas, California, in the form of a wooden sculpture tagged  'Crazy Fish'.

Crazy Fish is featured in Big Waves Laundromat's ongoing local art showcase, Santa Monica CA  


This piece was created as a serious nod to my love of 'Tiki Culture' using the exotic colors and distressed textures featured in much of my artworks. And what can be more fun than a mermaid smoking a cigar while a volcano erupts in the background? Not much, I imagine. 


Susie Sputnik was inspired by a jet-set jazz album cover. Acid green, rust and orange is not a color combination many fall in love with but it depends on the subject matter. For Miss Sputnik, the colors are out of this world.  Put her in a clean white frame. You'll love her to the moon and back.


Surf City in Retrograde was inspired by my love of surf guitar and an unrequited love for vintage VW buses. This 'beachy' piece has found favor with boomers, bohos and hipsters alike.


Surf City in Retrograde was featured in Big Waves Laundromat's local art showcase, Santa Monica CA 

roll with it

This artist is a master of 'rolling with it. So much so that if I had a pair of roller skates, there would be no stopping me. I'm also a fan, as mentioned, of VW buses, and coastline themes. And I chose this color palette to evoke a 70s vintage vibe...a time when roller skating was all the rage.