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I LOVE RETRO. Especially Polynesian Pop and swinging Mid-Century Modern. Especially the two combined. Not a highly original genre, but a classic style I strive to make my own with modern edge and texture. Here's where I raise my martini and say 'cheers' to all things kitschy-cool. 


Mid-Mod flare combined with funky patterns and textures, this piece is a little brighter and cheerier than my usual heavily saturated fare. The inspiration for this piece was found at an antiques store in San Dimas, California, in the form of a wooden sculpture tagged simply  'Crazy Fish'.


I created this piece as a nod to my love of 'Tiki Culture' using the exotic colors and distressed textures I feature in much of my artwork. And what can be more fun than a mermaid smoking a cigar while a volcano erupts in the background? Not much, I imagine. 


Sue Sputnik was inspired by an album cover for lovers of jet-set jazz. Acid green, rust and orange is not a color combination many fall in love with but I say it depends on the subject matter. For Miss Sputnik, the colors are fittingly fab.  Put her in a clean white frame. You will fall in love.


Surf City in Retrograde was inspired by, of course, surf music, which I adore. I also have an unrequited love for vintage VW buses and thought I'd create something 'beachy' that will appeal to boomers, bohos and hipsters alike. I have several filter finishes for this bad boy, including some dramatic monochromatics. Ask me!

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