This is a gallery representing seasons. Some might wisecrack that an artist from Southern California has no concept of  'seasons'. I beg to differ. We have three seasons throughout the year: hot, less hot and fire season. So I'm well-versed in seasons, literal and philosophical; from holidays to personal seasons, there's a time and a season for everything.

"queen of her heart"

Part of my Matters of the Heart Triptych I created for a Valentine exhibition, Queen of Her Heart does not wait for red roses to be delivered...not when she can paint them herself. This queenly beauty uses numerous texture layers, a romantic red color palette and, of course, the exoticism that is much a part of my repertoire.

"the heart of the king"

The second piece in the Matters of the Heart Triptych, The Heart of the King is a stylized version of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and is quite an evocative image. (I truly want to know who created it) But this is my version in homage to the king of all kings, rendered in bold, passionate colors.

"jade, queen of my heart"

The third piece in the Matters of the Heart Triptych is of and for my daughter, who was an almost Valentine baby. Although born one day shy, on February 13th, she had my heart from day one and still is the queen of my heart today.

"how do you mend a broken heart"

This piece was created as part of a Valentine give-away which involved nine images representing the title of a popular song having to do with the heart or heartbreak. This particular image was my favorite. And to answer the question...How do you mend a broken heart? You can pin it together and pump it with oxygen and distraction, but in the end, time and season are the best fixers.


A time to sow, a time to reap. A time to cultivate the gifts that have been given to you. That's what Cultivate symbolizes; planting seeds, growing things, reaping things. Whether you're planting the seeds of love, of faith, of creativity, of financial acumen, with careful cultivation you will reap a bountiful harvest. 

"barbed wire heart"

A piece of art for that Valentine vibe. Not a cutesy filleted heart that bombards retail establishments in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. A 'real' heart that some wear on their sleeves (low hanging fruit) and some hang on a barbed wire fence...come and get it...I double dog dare ya. Barbed Wire Heart is one of a few pieces that truly highlights my graphic design roots.

~like everything else in life, creativity has seasons. you may be inspired one month, uninspired the next. relax. recharge. roll with it~
"fall feelz"

Fall boasts foliage with vibrant color, even in Southern California (contrary to popular belief). There's a crispness in the air along with the excitement of the coming holiday season. To convey that excitement I used a bold and energetic color palette, not typical of the usual Fall colors, while adding a bit of Japanese flair for the exoticism that's much a part of my artworks. 

"last date"

Spiffed up skellies steppin' out on a cool October night. Their last date. Forever. The theme of this piece was inspired by a piano piece of the same name by Floyd Kramer. Something so honky-tonk that I couldn't help but place these lovely bones in an old Ford. But the piece de resistance is the iconic pine tree deodorizer hanging from the rearview mirror. My fans get a huge kick out of it.

"sugar skull pin up"

Sugar Skull Pin Up is pure Halloween. Decked out in her gothic best. in pin-up pose under a full, beauteous moon. Can she get a wolf howl? And check out my blog to view a short demo of how an earlier version of this multi-layered beauty was created. 

"winter meet solstice"

Originally created for a winter-themed contest, Winter Meet Solstice uses a cool palette not typical of this artist who has an affinity for warmth in color and climate. This piece represents winter chill, the shortest day of the year and a very, merry Krampus. Or without Krampus, if that is your preference.


Accord was created as another Master Class challenge, in less than two hours; at the time I was truly inspired. Giving of the heart is an emotional master mix...there's vulnerability, trust, the exquisite care both giver and receiver must impart. When done during proper season and an accord is reached, It's a beautiful and powerful thing.