~still...it's life~

This gallery showcases my representations of Still Life. Will there be fruits? Vegetables? Flowers in a vase? Wine and cheese? Or perhaps those are a bit too prosaic for this artist. However I represent static objects, whether prosaic or not, still...it's life.

"eau de obsessed"

What's your obsession? For me, sunglasses. I can't go on a shopping excursion without bringing home a new pair. For my daughter it's perfumes. While I'm not one who normally wears 'scents', I do love perfume bottles and their beautiful designs. I lined up my favorite bottles from my daughter's collection to create Eau de Obsessed. in a decidedly feminine color palette. 

"conversational busts"

The inspiration for this series of images came from a design project where I had to photo edit jewelry onto bust models. I thought the bust models were quite lovely and would make fantastic art pieces. Thanks to the numerous texture layers I used, I think they do.

"surf + city"

Surfboards are standing tall and waiting patiently for the the opportunity to catch the perfect wave. This was created to hang at a laundromat in the heart of an L.A. County beach city that features art on its walls by local artists for the enjoyment of its patrons. I put the abstract cityscape behind the boards to represent Santa Monica, a very cosmopolitan beach city.

"barbie loses her head"

Call CSI. Barbie has lost her head...again! And what a macabre still-life subject she is. But don't blame me. Blame the inspiration on the kids in a former neighborhood. They had a habit of pulling off their Barbie's heads and leaving them scattered around. Shouldn't we all look so happy when losing our heads?

"black boot bloody rose"

I like to visit war themes in my artworks. Like death and taxes, it's the one thing humanity can count on in this world. The abandoned boot and somber rose represent the loss and utter futility of war. It can also represent any battle; physical, spiritual or emotional. Several color adjustment layers were incorporated for the dramatic palette for this, my first foray into still life.

~can you be still long enough to create a masterpiece? today's society may be in a hurry, art never should be~

"a happy threesome"

I guess I'm not above being prosaic after all; because sunflowers have been done and done by artists, some quite famously. But I have always loved these big, happy blooms in a sunny, friendly color. Is it any wonder they're a favorite still life subject? Of course I gave these my own treatment with the erosion-corrosion effects—a personal signature.

"an interior study: vase and chest"

No real inspiration for this lusciously colored triptych. Just a bit of a Warhol-esque repeat of subject coupled with a desire to see how the different layer effects would affect each of the subjects. I believe it's a perfect trifecta of color, texture and still life subject.  

"waiting nevermore"

This piece is representative of waiting...for what? For whom? Waiting on the call that never comes. Waiting on the date that stood you up. Waiting on lost love to reappear. There's a sense of suspended time, a hollowness associated with waiting. The world lacks color, thus the somewhat monochromatic palette. And the raven in the background? That's just my touch of whimsy in this rather somber theme.