still-it's life

This shiny new diary will showcase my representations of Still Life. Will there be fruits? Some vegetables? Flowers in a vase? Wine and cheese, anyone? Or perhaps those are a bit too prosaic for this Sketchie Beast. We'll see how this diary develops. The images may not be in my usual dynamic style but, still, it's life.

I often revisit war themes in my artworks. Like death and taxes, it's the one thing humanity can count on in this imperfect world. The abandoned boot and somber rose represent the loss and utter futility of war. Or representative of any battle; physical, spiritual, emotional. I incorporated  several color adjustment layers for the dramatic palette I desired for this, my first foray into still life.

black boot &
bloody rose
a happy threesome

I know. Sunflowers have been done and redone by artists throughout the ages, some quite famously. But I've always loved sunflowers. They're such big, happy flowers  in a sunny, friendly color.  Is it any wonder they're a favorite still life subject? And of course I gave these my own twist with the erosion corrosion effects that are a personal signature.

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 Ecclesiastes 3:11