still-it's life

This gallery showcases The Sketchie Beast's representations of Still Life. Will there be fruits? Some vegetables? Flowers in a vase? Wine and cheese, anyone? Or perhaps those are a bit too prosaic for this artist. See how this gallery develops. The images may be a bit less dynamic than her usual fair but, still, it's life.

The artist often revisits war themes in her artworks. Like death and taxes, it's the one thing humanity can count on in this imperfect world. The abandoned boot and somber rose represent the loss and utter futility of war. It can also represent any battle; physical, spiritual or emotional. Several color adjustment layers were incorporated for the dramatic palette of this artist's first foray into still life.


I guess this artist is not above being prosaic. Sunflowers have been done and done by artists, some quite famously. But this artist has always loved their big, happy blooms in a sunny, friendly color. Is it any wonder they're a favorite still life subject? Of course the artist these these her own twist with the erosion-corrosion effects that are a personal signature.

'It's not you, it's me'...'I don't deserve someone like you'...'we've just grown apart'...'I need time to find myself'...'we can still be friends'. Whether you've heard those words, or said them, meet  'Love is a Many Clichéd Thing'. Representative of the very human penchant for tragedy. Although the artist is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel kind of gal, sometimes she likes portraying what's inside the tunnel. 


Love. War. The two go hand in hand. There is much to LOVE in this life. There is much to WAR about in this life. And battles come in many shapes and sizes; from the bickering among family to full blown confrontations among countries. Those who have a belief system in things beyond the corruption of this world know that everlasting love prevails.


How many texture layers were used in this somber image representative of waiting...for what...for whom? Let us count the ways: 5 on the wall, 7 on the floor, 3 on the roses, 3 on the table, 5 on the window frame and 3 in the sky. Under 30 is not many for a Sketchie Beast creation.  

© 2019 by Victoria Caro Johnson / The Sketchie Beast

 Ecclesiastes 3:11