tales of apocalypto

Welcome to the doom & gloom diary of eroded, corroded, eve of destruction themes with, at times, a touch of whimsy. Enjoy the journey through this Apocalyptic wasteland and come back out on the other side appreciative of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or the pursuit of gloominess, whichever your preference.


This illustration was part of my initial Sketchpad Series, an exercise in getting the hang of the digital pen and pad. Starting the base in Illustrator, I added the fine details in Photoshop, the usual layers of erosion and corrosion. And because I believe color is what makes a subject evocative, a somber palette is apropos for this war torn city.  


Layla is my furry, four legged Siamese-Burmese grandkitty sporting the latest in post-apocalyptic street wear. Portrait of Layla has been a popular feature at my art shows and now hangs on 3 walls across the country. She's also a serious conversation starter. I'm thinking perhaps I have a future in Post-Apocalyptic pet portraits. What do you think?  


I'm a big fan of graffiti/street art and it's influences and textures can be found throughout my artworks. Along with the occasional gas mask, as if that isn't obvious enough. Here's my version of street art featuring gas mask. And to add a touch of sex appeal, a luscious rose in full bloom.  


This  illustration is one of my favorite pieces of personally created Fan Art and another of my Sketchpad Series featuring post-apocalypse warrior themes. I like the fierceness of this warrior sporting an anticipatory grin of battle as he removes the concealing hood from his head.  


People love beach scenes. They're inspiring to artists worldwide, possessing a timeless appeal. What kind of artist would I be if I didn't include a gratuitous beach scene in my collection? Therefore my contribution to a classic genre titled 'California Dreamin'.   


Among the very first of my first sketchpad illustrations, I created this subject more for honing my skill with the digital pen than making a serious piece of artwork. This apocalyptic-themed image had its challenges in choosing a color palette that would give it visual impact. I decided on military-monochromatic.   

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