tales of apocalypto

Welcome to the doom & gloom diary of eroded, corroded, eve of destruction themes with, at times, a touch of whimsy. Enjoy the journey through this Apocalyptic wasteland and come back out on the other side appreciative of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or the pursuit of gloominess, whichever your preference.


This piece is dedicated to my home, The City of Angels. But in this case, since I believe Los Angeles has the weirdest dark energy of any big city on the planet, The City of Fallen Angels. This is decidedly one of my most prolonged creations to date. It took 3 weeks to complete City of Fallen Angels...drawing the details were staggering. There are details upon details, but on a positive note, this piece has taught me me some much-needed patience.


Modern Love is another part of my 2020 Vision series. With Covid-19 being the main theme of 2020, and making it feel as seriously surreal as any year in my personal history, I thought of having a little fun with the idea of love during a pandemic, where one can't be too careful. A mix of retro charm with an ongoing love of gas mask imagery.


I was recently asked: 'do you never find joy in anything regarding the future?' I had to laugh. Despite being sickeningly sunny-natured, living each day in the present (as a future is guaranteed to no one), I like to indulge in prophecies of doom and recent events have given me trust issues. Regardless, I love to create sunny, colorful art in doomsday themes. It's kinda my thing.


Laila, my furry, four-legged Siamese grandkitty and muse, debuted in a renowned Laguna Beach art show in 2019. Wearing her best apocalyptic headgear, xhe's a serioius conversation starter, has been a popular feature at the artist's events and hangs on 4 walls across the country. 


War Torn was part of my initial Sketchpad Series, an exercise in getting the hang of the digital pen and pad. Starting the base in Illustrator, the fine details were added in Photoshop, the usual layers of erosion and corrosion. And because I believe color is what makes a subject evocative, a somber palette is apropos for this war torn city.  


Among the very first of my first sketchpad illustrations, the subject created more for honing skill with the digital implements than making a serious piece. This apocalyptic-themed image had its challenges in choosing a color palette that would give it visual impact. I decided on military-monochromatic.