'tis the season

This developing gallery will be chock full of seasonal spendors. From the darkness of Halloween to all that's merry and bright. 'Tis the season to indulge in seasonal art, year round.

Originally created as a winter-themed contest entry, Winter Meet Solstice uses a cool palette not typical of this artist who has an affinity for warmth in color and climate. This piece represents winter chill, the shortest day of the year and a very, merry Krampus.


Spiffed up skellies steppin' out on a cool October night. Their last date. Forever. The theme of this piece was inspired by a piano tune with the same name by Floyd Kramer. Something so mid-century honky tonk the artist couldn't help but place these these lovely bones in an old Ford, adding a bowtie for vintage vibe. But the piece de resistance is the iconic pine tree deodorizer hanging from the rearview mirror.


Sugar Skull Pin Up is a delightful dark character decked out in her gothic best in best pin-up pose under a full, beauteous moon. Check out the artist's blog to view a short demo of how an earlier version of this multi-layered beauty was created. 

© 2019 by Victoria Caro Johnson / The Sketchie Beast

 Ecclesiastes 3:11