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Beauty Will Out

Another painted guitar for the Guitars for Vets' Operation Art Strings program is complete. The title for this art is Beauty Will Out. And, naturally, there's a story behind the title.

Like the acoustic guitar and skateboard deck I painted on, I rendered the art digitally first to use as a guide. Unlike the acoustic guitar and skateboard deck, this painted guitar didn't come very close to the original digital rendering (below). This bothered me. So much so that I spent most of the time pissed off while painting on. But I must remind myself not to be such a harsh taskmaster or put myself in perfection bondage. Digital art, with its transparent layering capabilities, can be a world away from hand painting with enamel paints that don't blend well. Some things may suffer in the translation. And that's OK. Just go with the flow. BECAUSE...

Original digital rendering

...once I applied the final coat of paint to this Beauty, I fell in love with her as did the people I showed her to. While this one felt like my one ugly duckling throughout the process, she grew into a beautiful swan that I thought, when all's said and done, showed a lot more character than the original digital art. Her beauty was hard won and hidden until the very end. Beauty will out.

When I painted my first guitar, Release the Kraken, for Operation Art Strings, it took 2 months to complete from primer to sealing (the skate deck took one-and-a-half months). Beauty Will Out took 3 weeks. Which means this little beastie is getting more comfortable with painting by hand. Will I continue to paint guitars for Operation Art Strings? Hmmmm. I've donated many challenging hours to the organization, as well as my talent, and was very happy to do so. But my next guitar paint project is a Fender Telecaster, and a commission. These days, where one must take out a 2nd for a full tank of gas, I need to work on things that bring in the Benjamins.

Release the Kraken

About Operation Art Strings: Its mission: No Guitar Left Behind. Wounded guitars find new purpose to help wounded Veterans find new purpose. Operation Art Strings connects with talented artists around the country to transform used or broken guitars into works of art. These guitars that once had no purpose are now given new life. Some guitars become playable works of art and others become beautiful works to hang up in one’s home, but all play a role in aiding our nation’s heroes.


Upcoming Art Showcase

IN OTHER SKETCHIE NEWS...I dropped off my painted skateboard at Last Name Brewing in Upland CA for the 2-month group exhibition Skoolz Out which will feature over 20 artists and their skate deck art. Decks are for sale and proceeds will help purchase school supplies for underprivileged youth. Opening reception will be held on Friday, July 15th. Locals! Come join the fun. Even if you can't make the reception, my skate deck art will be hanging around Last Name for 2 months. Come and behold it. Or better yet, purchase it. It's for a good cause.


A Not-So-Subtle Reminder

SUMMER SEASON IS TOTE SEASON and The Sketchie Beast has cool totes for hot summer days and the many ways you play. Extra roomy, in two sizes, with regular or adjustable straps.

All totes feature original art by The Sketchie Beast printed on both sides and printed in the U.S.A. Use it to haul beach towels, books, water bottles, sundries and whatever else you can fit in it. Makes a great gift bag stuffed with goodies, or use it as a shopping bag to reduce your carbon footprint. Some styles can be personalized with a name or slogan. And while you're nosin' around The Sketchie Beast store, check out all the other fun stuff for purchase featuring Sketchie Beast original art. Spend $75 and get a FREE Sketchie Beast Art tote. SHOP NOW because resistance is futile.


Did You Know?

The Sketchie Beast is also a designer and a commercial illustrator? Well, now you do. With 20 years experience as a visual communicator, The Sketchie Beast can also help advertise or grow your business through creative media and commercial graphics. Check it out HERE or fly over an email. I'd be glad to answer your questions.


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