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Meet the Artist


Mental journeys to faraway landscapes, real or imagined, come naturally to my creative process. Being a mixed bag of ethnicities, my influences, inspirations and artworks are as diverse as my genetic code. I have indulged my need to be creative in many forms; as a designer and commercial illustrator, as a self-taught tribal dancer, and now as a digital fine artist. I've created for fun, for a living, but always for passion.


Although I’m a pixel painter, a ‘zeros and ones’ creative, my works don’t necessarily reflect that fact. Visitors at my art shows are often surprised my art is digital. They ask how I achieve the look of a real painting. I utilize a multi-layering technique that adds depth and texture to the flat art; a technique I’ve mastered and is wholly my own.


I like to communicate with visual intensity; no pastel sunsets or misty dreamscapes for this artist. I poke for attention. I would guess that springs from middle child syndrome and the need to be noticed. While my personal life purposely lacks drama, that is not the case in my artworks. I inject as much drama as I possibly can. I would describe my artistic style as Corrupted Beauty. I intentionally degrade my art with cracks, fissures, scratches, offsets, spatters and other elements that can either represent societal meltdown or something aged and well-loved. I combine beauty with ugly, just as it is in real life.

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