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Digital Pen
Victoria Johnson, 'The Sketchie Beast', is an artist of the digital persuasion

Born, raised and living in Southern California, the diversity of this place I call home has been a fertile breeding ground for my imagination. With this imagination I create digital fine art; sometimes for a living, sometimes for fun, always as a passion.

     There was a time when I painted and sketched for enjoyment. Shortly after earning an Associates degree in Commercial Art & Design, my career took off as a visual communications specialist which eventually led to my becoming an independent designer of print and web media for a wide range of industry. Along the way I traded brushes and canvas for design softwares and hard deadlines. It seemed my days of creating art for pleasure were over.

     Until acquiring a digital pen and pad.  The Sketchie Beast was unleashed, running full throttle (as I do with every new pursuit) which led to my being accepted into my first prestigious fine art show in Laguna Beach.

     What inspires me? Anything. Everything. I don't represent traditional themes or any one theme. My works are the visual fruits of my varied, and sometimes random, interests. There are no formalities I follow. Art should be a rule breaker as it's the rebellious nature of many an artist that sparks the imagination. Art should shake you, wake you, shock, evoke and provoke you. It shouldn't just speak, sometimes it should scream. Or find humor, like love, in all the wrong places. That’s the beauty of fine art compared to my career in design; there is no wrong way to represent as long as it's represented with absolute conviction. There is no stricter vetting process that I have to pass than my own. And that's the way I like it.

     Being a bit of a neophyte to the world of fine art (I'm only three years in), I'm thrilled to begin this new chapter in my creative story, a story that has come full circle. So let the journey continue...

Boho Dove
May you find peace and prosperity in your passions