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Artist Victoria Johnson is a native Southern Californian who is inspired by the place she calls home. A designer, commercial illustrator and now an award-winning fine artist in the digital medium, since entering her first painting in a public competition at age seven to earning a degree in Commercial Art and Photography at trade-based Watterson College, creativity has been her calling. 


Sketching and painting had always been a hobby, but not long after her career as an independent designer blossomed, her brushes and canvases were traded for design softwares and hard deadlines. In 2018 she was gifted a digital pen and sketchpad and a beast was unleashed, birthing her artist handle, The Sketchie Beast. She started creating with a fierce passion, for no other reason than to express herself. 


Since first putting digital pen to pad, she has created hundreds of artworks, has participated in many gallery showings including two solo exhibitions, and has illustrated four children’s books, two of the books multi-award winning. She is a board member of the La Habra Art Association.

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