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December Already?!

For some artists and designers, 4th Quarter business can suck. Yes. I used the word suck.

During slow periods (and that could be any time of the year), it's always good to have a back-up plan. Or back up sales. In this world of electronic media, there are still some people who prefer to send holiday greetings through the mail. Not email, physical mail. Driven around by those little red, white and blue trucks. Imagine that!

If you're an artist or designer and have access to low-cost printing, you can turn your 4th quarter ghost town into a bustling little metropolis by offering custom greeting cards, gift tags and other specialty packaging items.

If you're not an artist or crafter, seriously not into DIY and seriously short on time, I will assume you buy greeting cards and gift tags for many celebratory reasons; birthdays...Valentine's Day... various invites. Guess what? Corporate chains don't need more of your hard-earned dollars nor do they appreciate it as much as a creative who runs a small business.

During the holiday season when there are many gifts to buy for many people on your list, I know it's convenient to do one-stop shopping at a big box while saving pennies to boot. Which is important this time of year when many of us love getting into debt to bring a little joy to our loved ones...a joy that often wears off long before the debt is paid (I'm just a little ray o' sunshine). So you might be thinking that purchasing custom anything is more than you're willing to pay.

But it doesn't have to be. Artists know the meaning of healthy competition and some of us are willing to to offer a quality product at a fair price. And, too, we get a fundamental joy out of creating things that are oohed and aahed by our audience. I may not speak for every creative but I'm pretty sure I speak for most.

Artists and designers would love a chance to dazzle you with customized paper and promotional products. You'll love the results. You'll love that it's custom. And you'll likely feel good about it too. You know that silly saying, save a horse, ride a cowboy? Well, I have a better idea...

Save an artist. Buy our sh*t!

Shop for custom paper products by clicking here.


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