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Greetings of the Season

I can't believe I'm already wishing you, my wonderful fans and subscribers, Happy Holidays and a joyous season! Ready to say sayonara to 2022 and looking forward, as I always do, to a new year.

The older I get, the more I feel like the days fly by. A very prosaic but true sentiment. In my rather careless and cavalier youth, I was often beset by boredom. Thinking things couldn't move fast enough and why was I in such a hurry anyway?

Fast forward a few years (more than a few but not saying how less few), I wish the days/months/years would slow their roll. Now that I've got more 'me' time, now that strict schedules aren't the be-all and end-all of my life, I just want to enjoy the fleeting moments in life before I'm fleeting into the next moment.

2022 is drawing to a close and I'm cruising into 2023 with no preconceived notions (or so I tell myself). I only know this: the engine still burns hot and runs full steam for art and art pursuits. I don't know where this train is taking me. I'm just soaking up the scenery. Each year unfolding like a new and exciting landscape. As I witness the seeds I've planted (or have been planted in me) bearing fruit, it's quite a thrill.

So what the heck is my message here? Just this: if you've ever dreamed a dream, nurture it, pursue it. Give it light, love and room to grow. Because a dream becoming a reality, no matter how circuitous the route, is a gift that keeps on giving.



Ocean View Terrace

To describe the newest addition to my Still--It's Life gallery, life should always be this still (see what I did there?) When small tasks get too big and daily life overwhelms, take a moment to breathe out stress and breathe in beauty. While most of us don't have a tranquil ocean view at our disposal, we certainly can imagine one. Or purchase art that portrays one (hint-hint).


A Glorious Ignominious Future

To look at this newest addition to my Tales of Apocalypto gallery, you might be thinking 'there goes that Sketchie Beast again. Pixel painting a dismal future'. What do I base it on? On the behavior of people today. 'Nuff said.

And how did we go from a breathtaking ocean view to this post-apocalyptic hot mess? There's a simple explanation. Ocean View Terrace is my Christmas gift to someone special. And I'm not going to fool myself into believing that everyone is in love with my portrayals of a jacked up human condition. I do have my fans, but I must be honest with myself. A little slice of paradise goes a long way in soothing the soul. I'm not above providing that, from time to time.



If you've recently tried to click The Sketchie Store link on my website, you'll have seen this screen.

Yup. The Sketchie Store is currently undergoing updates and will relaunch sometime in January 2023. Yup. I've missed a whole shopping season, but that's OK. Improving the long-term functionality and experience of the Store, as well as adding more items and options, is much more important than making a seasonal buck.

(I can't believe I said that.)

I'll be sending an e-alert once the store is ready and awaiting your hard-earned Benjamins, which will include a re-opening special you don't want to miss! If you haven't yet subscribed to my site, DO IT NOW to stay up to date on all things Sketchie. Thank you in advance and hope to see you in the store!



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