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Last Festival of the Year Brings Unexpected Fans

My last outdoor show of the year at Ontario Festival of the Arts in Ontario, California brought rain and some unexpected new fans. Like this cute, one-eyed Bengal named Seki, who still had one good eye for art, admiring my Modern Love, right at 'eye' level.

This was my second time showcasing at this small but energetic art venue and, as with last year, there was much engagement among festival goers of all ages. I always get compliments on my booth set up at all events I participate in. I give credit where it's due. The chandelier draws them accessory that packs an invitational punch. Who knew?

Threats of rain that day brought lower traffic than the previous year and put a damper (pun intended) on last minute sales that are always robust during the final hour of a show. Instead of sales, we were scrambling to protect and tear down our art from the sudden downpour. Some of my art pieces were damaged, but hey, the beauty of digital...I can just order a reprint. At least the rain had the grace to wait until the final hour.

The Chaffey Community Museum of Art that hosts this fine art festival does a fantastic job of making the festival accessible and affordable to artists of every talent level. They provide the canopies (and if you've ever wrestled with a canopy you KNOW this is appreciated), the tables, chairs, wi-fi, helpful and friendly volunteers from the local high schools. They interview each artist to put on their city page, give great participation gifts, and best of all, don't take a commission from artist sales. They truly show the 'love' to their participating artists and, God willing, I'll be back to participate next year.


My Solo Show Will Soon Be a Fond Memory

October 29-30th will be the final weekend for my solo show The Power of Portraits at La Habra Art Gallery. It has been a wonderful experience for this neo-artist and I have high hopes this is the first solo show of many to come. Try to stop by before the show goes bye-bye. La Habra Art Gallery is located at 151 W. La Habra Blvd in La Habra. Gallery hours are Sat-Sun 12-4pm.


Modern Love at DabArt Gallery

DabArt is hosting their 2nd and final volume of Art in the Time of Corona at their gallery in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Added to the gallery show is my popular Modern Love.

The online exhibition, launched on January 1, 2021, received over 1500 submissions. Of those submissions, almost 400 pieces were selected for the ongoing online exhibition. The curatorial staff then handpicked an exclusive group of local artists to exhibit in the gallery shows and I was honored to be included. Check out the works curated for this exhibition, works that were produced at an unprecedented time of civil uncertainty.

DabArt Gallery is located at 334 S. Main Street, downtown Los Angeles.


ShockBoxx Project Presents 'Here, Kitschy Kitschy'

My Portrait of Laila: Tales of Apocalypto will be featured in the group exhibition Here, Kitschy Kitschy at ShockBoxx gallery in Hermosa Beach, California. The exhibition will showcase an eclectic collection of animal portraits. As the call specified--any kind of animal portrait, just make sure it's bad...really bad.

I think my Portrait of Laila is more badass than bad, but that's just this artist's opinion. And this girl is popular! She was also featured in my Power of Portraits solo show, and sold there.

As a matter of fact, this cat, who is my daughter's Siamese and my muse, sells at every show she's in. Which means she'll be more famous than this artist ever will be. However, I wish her well at this upcoming show. Godspeed, ya little war pig, er, cat.

Opening reception for Here, Kitschy Kitschy is November 5th at ShockBoxx Gallery, 636 Cypress Avenue, Hermosa Beach.


Rounding Out the Halloween Vibe

My latest piece, Hansel, was created during a quick sketch session using the power reds I'm so very fond of. Hellraiser's Pinhead is fan art I created for a Halloween giveaway. My friends and followers on social media love my giveaways. Although I've often been advised by well-meaning folk about not giving art away for free (as it cheapens the value, tsk-tsk), I say: 'stuff it'. If art brings joy, even a freebie has worth beyond value.

It's been a busy year for art and, as always, I put in the work. So in conclusion I will answer my own burning question: what will The Sketchie Beast do for the remainder of the year?

Rest. Just rest.


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