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Of Guitars and Giveaways


Six months ago I became an accepted partner-artist with the Guitars for Vets organization and their program Operation Art Strings. Which handed me a very involved project of painting on an acoustic guitar. I agonized over every detail from primer to sealing it. But wow! Check out the beautifully painted result as I explain why this guitar is so special...


The whole month of February, for the most part, is dedicated to all things hearts and love. How apropos for The Sketchie Beast to host a Valentine's Day giveaway to show my LOVE and appreciation for fans and followers. But it wasn't just: 'Hey, gang, here's some free art!' Nope. Interested parties had to work for it.

I created nine heart images, each heart representing a popular song title. Players of the game had to guess the title of each song correctly to win. And I'm happy to announce that two of my Instagram followers, @keri_lucy and @bookswinebeaches, guessed the song titles correctly. Each won a 10x10 canvas of my 'Heartworks'. Such lucky fans!



The first few weeks of 2022 found us once again steeped in virus culture. While things had been quiet on the work front due to a spike in COVID cases, it gave me the opportunity to stay put and create new artworks, two of which are featured here. I'm hoping to debut new works I'll be creating through spring at art shows and festivals I'm hoping will go on this summer.

Pink Perfection is an homage to my love of camellias. Camellia Japonica, to be exact. They bloom this time of the year in Southern California, the one thing I actually like about Winter. In Japanese lore, Samurai did not like tsubaki, considering them unlucky. Unlike other flowers that drop petal by petal as the bloom is spent, camellia fall, like severed heads, from the branch. Unlucky or not, they are nothing short of perfection. Non-fussy, exceptionally carefree, and thrive where planted. Is it any wonder camellia are my spirit flower?

Pipa - I wanted a classic, old world look for this pipa player, using a more monochromatic palette (and great negative space) to accomplish that goal. A pipa is a Chinese lute used prominently in Chinese opera orchestras. According to a document from the Eastern Han Dynasty, the instrument’s name is derived from finger techniques, pi for plucking in a forward motion, pa for plucking in a backward motion producing a sound both exotic and divine.

And always remember, art makes a great gift...whether for Valentine's Day, for Mother's Day, birthdays or any days. Make it a tradition to give a piece of art from the a friend, family member, coworker or that special someone who might appreciate the thoughtfulness of giving a unique gift while supporting a creative or small business owner. We ALWAYS appreciate your love and support.


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