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RAW OC Premier: Art, Fashion and Fun

On the evening of January 30th, I participated in my first RAW Natural Born Artists Showcase at Mansion Costa Mesa, Orange County, California. The 20s are off to a roaring start for The Sketchie Beast! This being only my second foray into fine art exhibition, this was also a learning experience and I'm appreciating the different ways and means of how art is exhibited.

The RAW OC Premier not only showcased visual artists and photographers, it also featured musicians, performing artists and fashion design. A high energy (and high decibel) eclectic show that drew a diverse crowd of art enthusiasts. It's always enjoyable engaging with the visitors and explaining my art processes. I also enjoy the surprised reactions I get when I tell visitors my artwork is digitally created. They often think it's watercolor (my art is such a liar!) Of course selling a few pieces of art is part of the package, but by no means the defining factor of what makes a successful show.

For this showcase, which was as different from my first exhibition in Laguna Beach as chalk from cheese, I chose a more eclectic, quirky display—boho chic with a touch of boudoir charm, many of the props acquired from second-hand shops so I guess you could say shabby chic as well. I displayed my art pieces in a way I thought would engage the visitors (it did), without overshadowing the artwork itself (it didn't). I encouraged visitors to write on my vanity mirror and to eat the luscious grapes many thought were fake. Visitors loved the display, enjoyed writing on the mirror, got a kick out of my Murder Within Murder crows displayed in a cage, and many pointed and laughed at my cat wearing a gas mask.

The best part of any show is making new friends within the artist community, as well as with the visitors. It opens up new avenues for exposure and collaboration, valuable assets often overlooked in the push for sales.

The RAW international artist community is a valuable resource for budding, as well as more experienced artists and eclectic brands of talent. I was honored to participate in their Orange County premier, excited to be a part of this dynamic and growing collective and, having completed my first showcase, now part of their alumni. I will be booking another showcase with RAW in another city soon. Stay tuned for details.


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