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Scenes From a Solo Show

The opening reception for my solo art show, The Power of Portraits, on September 4th, was lively and enjoyable despite the triple digit, soggy heat. But as the president of the gallery said 'Nothing but the hottest day of the year would do for the hot art hanging on the walls.' Shucks!

I've been in many group exhibitions and don't get me wrong, any time I see my art hanging on a wall in a public display is a wonderful thing. However, it's truly a thrill to see ONLY my art hanging on gallery walls without the distraction of other artists' works. It's then, during a solo show, that I can truly appreciate my body of work and how it all works together. Something I tend to overlook while in the throes of creating.

I gave a quick a demo at the reception of how I create my artworks using multi-layering techniques in Photoshop. People who have appreciated my art at shows and festivals are often surprised my artwork is digital (a reaction I take much pleasure in). My demo gave attendees a look at how I achieve the layering effects that lend my art analog movement and texture.

At the opening reception we enjoyed good food, good music and attendees got into the spirit of my 'Selfie' photo op. We also opened the show with a special toast; to my being the first female artist, as well as first digital artist, to have a solo show at the La Habra Art Gallery. And I can certainly drink to those fabulous firsts.

My Power of Portraits solo show runs through November 4, 2022. Locals! Please take this opportunity to visit the gallery and see my artworks and appreciate the power of stylized portrait art. Fly me a message and I'd be happy to meet you at the gallery to show you around, discuss my works and the inspiration behind them.

La Habra Art Gallery is located at 151 W. La Habra Blvd, La Habra CA (annex to the community center). Gallery hours are from 12-4 pm.



Say Hello to My Lethal Cat

It was a ruddy blood bath. The havoc wreaked by that .45 caliber tabby named Tommy. Never underestimate the damage that can be done by a pretty little kitty. Part of my 'It's Dark In Here' gallery of greats. Another piece that finds humor where I have been known to find all the wrong places. While I've diverted from that kind of self-imposed destruction in my personal life, I'm afraid my art still suffers from lack of judgment.


Enchant Me

What happens when you listen to one too many Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman albums? They were both musical staples in my home when growing up and inspired, no doubt, my absolute love of mid-century modern kitsch in music, art and design. For texture, Enchant Me uses pieces of my other works with effects applied. A Sketchie specialty...transferring art elements at will.



MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The next Sketchie Beast showing will be at the Ontario Festival of the Arts on OCTOBER 15th at the Ontario Arts Center. 75 artists will display their works at this outdoor venue that draws a good crowd of art aficionados from the I.E. Fly me a message for more information.


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