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The 'Art' of Technology

The Sketchie Beast is adding a new gallery to the online galleries called 'Cell Phone Diaries' and this beauty, A Day in Novato, is its first entry.

But let me ramble a little...

Being of the digital tribe, technology, naturally, plays a large part (the largest) in my art creations. However, I've never been all that rah-rah about technology and its newest gadgets that progress by the day.

Let me go further...I never really saw what the big deal was about cell phones. To be instantly accessible? Yeah, that's something I've embraced enthusiastically (read sarcasm). However, having had a mobile phone for the last 25 years, how did I ever survive without one when my car had troubles? Answer: CALL BOX.

OK, so I will grudgingly admit a mobile phone has its benefits outside of it being a major distraction. And the one thing I absolutely love about them...the camera. I've used the cell phone for picture snaps far more than I've ever used it for actual phone calls. Through my quarter century of usage, I've taken thousands and thousands of captures starting on my dinosaur-age flip phone, through the Nokia Razor years, and now through my iPhone lens. Although I have a professional Nikon, it's still my cell cam that sees the most action.

Many of these captures will make great art subjects, such as A Day in Novato which originated as a cell snap in Novato, California while my sister and I were enjoying a yummy lunch on the patio of a charming Mexican restaurant. This was a slice of the pleasant patio view that I knew would make a good art piece. But, you tell me, am I right?


A Heartfelt Thank You... those who made the trek out to Center Gallery in Anaheim to attend the opening reception of Digital Journeys, my second one-man show. It was a very well-presented affair by Center Gallery and its staff, sponsored by the Disney Foundation that generously funds this gallery to showcase local professional and emerging talent. During the reception, I spoke a bit about my craft and technique, made valuable connections and enjoyed the warm camaraderie of the attendees. I was grateful to the staff of Center Gallery, especially Robert, who had the non-enviable job of hanging my artworks with patience and care, as I'm sure he's used to dealing with diva-donna artists. Not that I'm one...I'm just a 'scootch it to the right a little' artist.

Digital Journeys showcase will run through August 21, 2023.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Ontario Art Walk / Saturday August 19th, 6-9 pm

Ontario Festival of the Arts / Saturday October 21st, 10 am - 5 pm

Exploring the Unknown / City of Stanton's Third Community Art Show, Friday Sept 1, 5-8pm



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