The 'Art' of the Gift

2020 has been a rough year for many of us and for those of us financially-challenged this holiday season, gift-giving was a challenge as well.

For every advertiser that was not squeamish about showing beaming, toothy gift-givers bestowing the best money can buy in the form of gaming systems, iPhones, beautifully wrapped sparkly diamonds, or glossy new automobiles with huge shiny bows, there were those of us on the other end of the spectrum who opened our wallets and only heard a few dead Presidents exclaiming 'Daylight at last!'

What to do, what to do? Get back to the drawing board and draw! Or create. Look, I'm not denouncing those who are doing financially well in their ability to offer fine and luxurious gifts to friends and loved ones. Nor is this a veiled apology for rampant consumerism. More power to it! Stimulate the economy and all. But for those of us who found it more feasible to give the gift of our creativity, our craft, our art, more power to us too.