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There's Always a Story

Someone recently told me they love the stories behind my art. And the story behind my newest piece, The Spirit of Clearman, is particularly heartfelt.

On a summer day a couple of years ago, my daughter and I made a trip to Clearman's North Woods Inn to pick up food. We found a fledgling in the parking lot struggling on the hot pavement. Of course our first instinct was to save that little sparrow (what if he got run over!) so we put him in a box and took him home.

We then consulted a friend who has a talent for rehabilitating wild things and he gave us advice on how to house him and what to feed him. Our intention was to help him grow into his wings and then set him free. We know now we should have just let him be, learning after the fact that momma is often nearby and had we left him alone, he might have had a better ending.

We were encouraged when little Clearman ate some food and chirped away. We thought we were successful in our efforts. But, alas, a couple of days later the little bird breathed his last, died in my daughters hands and broke our hearts.

We're sorry, little Clearman, our intentions were pure even if our actions were in ignorance. We were just trying to help one of God's noble little creatures and failed. I so love birds for their ability to fly above the horrors of this world. Sometimes I still get sad when I think of Clearman. Although in this piece I've placed him in a cool green garden, I know his spirit soars.

The Spirit of Clearman is original digital art sized @ 10x8" (20.32x25.4cm).

Also available in greeting cards.


Also new from The Sketchie Beast:


Imagine...someone as bad-a** as a mythological goddess of the moon and the hunt doing something as mundane as laundry? Kind of cuts them down to size, doesn't it? Laundry is a necessary evil and while Artemis can surely have some demi-god do her dirty work, perhaps she had the very human thought process: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

I'm sure the stag in the background is appreciative, AND relieved that Artemis is otherwise occupied hanging out her unmentionables.

Wash Day for Artemis is original digital art sized @ 16x16" (40.64x40.64cm)



Gentle reminder (whether you're sad about it, or ecstatic); school days are just around the corner. Sure you can do the WalMart run and drag down your school supply list for the essentials. You can also run to The Sketchie Beast Store for the cool stuff. From notebook journals to book bags, from phone cases to pencil (or make up) cases and mouse pads too....find them HERE.


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