~not all who wander are lost~

Here's your passport to intriguing travels through cerebral landscapes. Inspired by a life lived with artistic purpose. Choose a gallery and venture into worlds of exotic color, layer and texture. To lose yourself in my digital destinations is free. To bring a beauty home will cost you, but what a small price to pay for continuing the journey. 

Flamenka Staged.jpg
Birds of Paradise Staged
Flawed and Serene Staged.jpg
A Loney Boab Staged
Sue Sputnik Staged.jpg
First Ladies of Jazz Gallery
Murder Within Staged.jpg
A Happy Threesome Staged.jpg
Laila Apocalypto Staged.jpg
Fall Feelz Staged.jpg
NeverTooTired Staged.jpg

The Sketchie Beast original artworks are copyrighted material solely owned by the artist. Use is strictly prohibited without artist's permission.