Being a mixed bag of ethnicities, mental journeys to exotic destinations come naturally to my creative process. I draw inspiration from a complex genetic pool to infuse diverse flavor and color in my works. Some of these influences also come from my passion for belly dance. For me, exotica isn't a faraway land or influence, it's a continual state of mind.


Created for a themed art showing in Northern California (and sold there), Origarmy: West Above the Storm is quickly becoming a favored pieces amongst art aficianados. In a darker palette than my usual works, I believe this darker palette has given this piece a stunning simplicity. 


The challenge of digital art is that it can be very flat in presentation needing a good mix of texture and layer effects to make it come alive. The trick, always, is finding the right combination, knowing when to stop refining it, and making sure the printed piece looks as good as it does onscreen, the biggest challenge of all.


This digital gem, meant to convey a sense of tranquility, is 55-layered monsterbytes of texture, color and light play. When the mood strikes, I balance my gritty, earthy images with pieces that are light and ethereal. I hope serenity with a bit of fantasy  comes to the beholder's mind when viewing it. 


It took three days to birth Nathania which in Hebrew means 'God's Gift'. Considering it takes me anywhere from 2-8 hours to create a piece, this was one of my lengthier labors. As per my usual M.O., the original line art was created in Illustrator, finishing the fine details in Photoshop. Layering and texturing is where I shine, it being my most enjoyable process of creation. 


'Masks' was created for my own promotional purposes before I realized it would make a cool image on its own. This piece consists of other pieces and textures of other works. That's the absolute beauty of digital...transferring elements and effects at will. 'Masks' truly highlights my love of exoticism, textures and exotic textures.  


Meditate is another creation meant to invoke a sense of peace and calm in the midst of life's storms. It took numerous texture layers to get the vintage look desired for Meditate. Well-aged, well-seasoned and slightly damaged effects are an integral part of my digital style, invoking feelings of something well-loved in its worn-around-the-edges glory.


This creation sums up a fundamental truth: we're all flawed individuals, but we can be serene in the knowledge of perfection being divine. Flawed and Serene uses multiple layers of the exotic textures that I love, in this case distressed bamboo and weathered stone, along with a color palette that's mean to convey the patina of age and timelessness. 


'Lotus Eater' started with a Balinese mask as a model. This was one of my earlier pieces created while still trying to master the digital pen using Illustrator and Photoshop as mediums. Adding hairline cracks and distressed textures, so much a part of my digital signature, Lotus Eater was the first piece that sold at my first fine art show.


Inspired by a Himalayan music channel, Trapa basically means 'student'. I love the beautiful faces of these Tibetan monks in patient posture offset by passionate reds, often a Sketchie Beach choice in palette for its boldness and energy. Featured as well are the many texture and effects layers, along with the erosion for conveyance of age, that is my special signature. 

Shanti, grown up

In case one doesn't know Shanti, she was the girl child who enticed Mowgli to leave his adopted animal family for the human community in The Jungle Book. Although this image is modeled more after a tribal dancer than Shanti, she's an arresting mixture of modern edge and the erosion of the ancient. 


Having always had a fascination for Koi fish and old school tattoo art, this is my interpretation in combining the two. Much Koi uses several texture layers, very evident in the artwork, and a bold palette that is no less exotic than the rest of the pieces in this gallery. You can also find 'Much Koi' greeting cards in different color palettes in the store...check them out here.