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A Sketchie Milestone

This year marks a milestone...the 5th anniversary of my becoming an exhibiting artist in the digital medium. As a look-back on these past five years, I created this slideshow featuring artworks from my very first days of creating along with some recent works. Enjoy the clip, enjoy the music and most of all, enjoy the art.

Since my first formal showing of artwork in the summer of 2019 at Art-a-Fair in Laguna Beach, California, my journey has been an amazing one and, God willing, I'm just getting started. Some of you have been around since the genesis of my journey and have watched me grow into the artist I am today. I appreciate you, always.

As a side note: I am often asked why I create the kind of art I create. Why the apocalyptic themes, violence and gloomy outlook of future? Simply...humanity is flawed. We want to embrace love, kindness and peace but often fail. Perhaps we don't understand the true nature of these concepts. What we do understand from experience is war, violence, murder, corruption, dishonesty, and destruction. I am intrigued at the extremes 'civilized' people will go in pursuit of power, to satisfy greed or to inflict cruelty. This is real life and I paint it. But life has a postscript...where there is much depravity and despair, there is more grace. And that is divine.


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