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Admittedly, this Sketchie is not much of a romantic. I rarely watch romcoms, chick flicks or Hallmark holiday specials. But there is something about Valentine's Day that tugs the heartstrings. Perhaps there's a latent romantic that surfaces once a year to create artworks that celebrate l'amour. This slideshow features choice pieces that compliment the season with romance, flowers, and hearts that go thump in the night.


Meet My Latest


Inspired by a jazz album cover (where find many of my inspirations), I went for a retro-romance palette and added the texture effects that convey something old but well-loved.


'Heart on a String'

Another piece made for that Valentine vibe. Whether you dangle your heart on string or shut it up in a cage, release it and set it free.


Other New Works

'Hello the Damned'

My first creation of 2024 was inspired while strolling through town listening to Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers on the air pods (a most odious place you don't want to be welcomed to). This is one of my more layer-intense creations, made up of a whopping 60+ layers.


'Sir Paul'

I'm a big fan of The Beatles music, since I was a kid when my mom and dad brought home the Rubber Soul album. I like their familiar, iconic faces, especially this face of a young Paul McCartney. I used this piece for a demo of my layering technique at the La Habra Art Galley (see below).


A Digital Art Demo

Saturday, January 21, I had the pleasure of presenting a demo of my digital art technique for members of the La Habra Art Association. The attendees were fascinated with my using a Photoshop layering technique to create digital fine art that looks like art created by traditional methods. They were attentive, asked great questions and we had great dialogue afterwards.

This summer I hope to launch a new instructional series The Basics of Photoshop in conjunction with the La Habra Art Association. The classes will be instructed via Zoom. Geared especially for beginners or those who want to brush up on their Photoshop skills. Contact me for more info or be on the lookout for further announcements.


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