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Doors of Palm Springs

Doors are wonderful things. You can enter them, you can exit them. Doors of opportunity can open, or they can shut...bang! your face. You can slam them when you're angry, or fling them wide in welcome. There is a book and was a band called The Doors of Perception, until the band shortened its name to just The Doors. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the door says to Alice, 'Why, it's simply impassible." Alice asks, "Why, don't you mean impossible?" and the door answers, "No, I do mean impassible. Nothing is impossible." Typical Lewis Carroll. If nothing is impossible, the door shouldn't be impassable. But let's not go down that rabbit hole.

There are many literary metaphors for doors, but typically a door is simply a door. Its color and style can add to, or detract from, a home's curb appeal and nowhere is this more evident than in Palm Springs, California, where a door can be as iconic as the city itself. So much so that there exists a popular 'Door Tour' where such grand entrances are the true celebs of the city.

Having said all that, meet my newest triptych, Doors of Palm Springs and the images that make up this terrific trio (with a drop of creative license taken). Believe me, it was not easy to choose the doors for this triptych. There are so many beauties within that low desert community 107 miles east of Los Angeles, but I thought these colors and architectural styles worked well together.

So here's my loving tribute to the very necessary door. Just because it's functional doesn't mean it can't be fabulous...and I could say the same of myself.


'Slice of Sun'

'Pretty in Pink'


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