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Art @ Ontario Airport

One of the special highlights of 2022 is my being awarded a local artist installation at Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California. I was granted this wonderful opportunity through Chaffey Community Museum of Art (CCMA) that hosts the Art at Airport program.

Ontario Int'l Airport averages about 5 million travelers per year, most of those being funneled into the very busy Terminal 4 that houses Southwest and American Airlines. Imagine my thrill when I was given the highly desirable real estate of Terminal 4 to showcase my art!

TSA restrictions being what they are, it won't be easy (if nigh impossible) for me to view my own installation. I was told by museum coordinators I can apply for a special visitor's pass, but when I looked at the airport's calendar of available visitor dates, they had no visitor dates available! Thankfully a friend flying to Oahu over the Thanksgiving holiday was able to snap this photo of my installation...and it's beautiful.

I chose 3 artworks that I felt best represented our Southern California/Pacific Coast vibe perfectly:

City of Fallen Angels (my most popular piece), Surf+City (originally created to hang in a Santa Monica establishment) and Pacific Storm. I was asked what location inspired Pacific Storm. It's a location entirely in my mind.

My art installation will showcase at OIA through April 2023. So if you're flying in/out of Ontario and happen to be in Terminal 4, check out my installation and snap a picture if you would. Email it to me @


More Exciting News

Last week I was invited to become a board member of the La Habra Art Gallery Association, and it's surely an honor to be invited.

If you have been following my news, I had my first solo show at this little gem of a gallery in La Habra, California. I got on very well with the other board members and with president of the gallery, so much so I must have made an impression.

Because I was the first digital artist to have a solo show at the La Habra Art Gallery, I applaud their willingness to embrace technological creativity. The president of the gallery has opened the dialogue of my becoming an instructor of digital art classes at the gallery. Again, I applaud them for acknowledging the importance of digital art instruction as part of their class offerings. Especially since digital art is becoming more popular in mainstream teaching cirricula.

Perhaps this will be a step in the right direction of a future calling that has been on my mind of late; to instruct classes as a means for healing the emotionally and physically distressed. In a recent study of more than 30 patients with chronic illness and cancer, creativity, including visual art activities, had a positive effect. Patients reported feeling less stress and anxiety, a decrease in negative emotions, and improved medical outcomes. Patients also believed the art projects distracted them from ever-present thoughts about their illnesses, and helped them express the grief they felt as a result of the illnesses, treatment and loss.

However my future unfolds as a creative, I'm open and ready for it.


New Art

Meet Consider the Ravens. Revisiting the theme of my beloved corvidae.

This time ravens, instead of crows, which, along with jays, jackdaws and magpies, belong to this family of highly intelligent fowl.

How associations are made: I've used blackbirds in many of my promo materials and merchandise. When checking in to my last art show, one of the coordinators at the artist check-in table said, "I remember you from last year. You're the crow girl!" The Sketchie Beast, a.ka. The Crow Girl. I suppose any brand association is a good one.

How inspirations are made: Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!

Luke 12:24


Hey Hey Locals!

I'll be back at Pomona Art Walk in the Pomona Arts Colony on December 10th.

Pomona Art Walk and Night Market is a lively event, a great place to do some Christmas shopping, listen to live music and ogle the cool art on the street and in the galleries. Stop by and check out my art on display at Artist in the Alley studio gallery, where beautiful art and beautiful souls come to be. 590 W. 2nd Avenue Ste D in the alley across from Memorial Park.


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