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For the Love of October

October is a dark little month. Is it any wonder that those born in October (like myself) have a bit of a dark side? With the whole month dedicated to one of the most loved and anticipated of holidays, it's the month where darkness is all in good fun.

From horror movies to music to art, October is a month made to indulge in dark themes. Far be it from an artist born in October pass up an opportunity. Such as my recently finished piece titled Murder Within Murder. As with all of my digital works, I create the line art in Adobe Illustrator and then transfer the art in stages to Photoshop where I add the layering effects. This is where the fun begins and where I absolutely shine. These effects range from numerous textures to gallery filters that manipulate color, hue and saturation. I go through several takes, adding and tossing layers at whim, to get a piece satisfactory by my own critique.

As an artist, I realize that darker themed subjects don't have a broad appeal to the average art buyer. Often times I create it for my own enjoyment although I'm by no means morbid. Some family and friends joke about my being disgustingly sunny-natured. But when it comes to art, that's where I let my cynical, jaded and often gloomy side emerge.

In this crazy world, this is my therapy.

Other Dark Works in My Collection


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