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Hi, Mom!

An ode to mom on Mother's Day. Usually, a day of crowded restaurants in Anytown, USA. But there's nothing 'usual' about current events and these events have taken the wind out of many a celebratory sail.

Which forces one to re-examine creative ways in which to express our love and appreciation for Mom. Shall we count the ways?

1. ZOOM or Facetime (although my mom is probably the least technologically savvy person in the world. Nevermind).

2. Phone call (glad to know some dinosaurs still exist).

3. Throw momma a gift basket from the car (hmmm...perhaps not).

4. Write a little tribute to mom.

5. Let's go with that.

See, my mom is a survivor.. Survivor of a war-torn country where every day brought her and her family closer to uncertainty and starvation. Survivor of being orphaned by 12 years of age. Survivor of being thrust into a new country and starting life over at the tender age of 16...friendless, staying with cousins who really had no use for her other than another mouth to feed and someone to do the housework. Survivor of cancer, Widow-survivor after having lost her husband (my poppa) to cancer after 40 years of marriage.

My mom is probably one of the strongest persons I know. We've had our go-rounds because we're both incredibly stubborn (the apple don't fall far from the tree). But I love her dearly. And as a mother myself, I can only hope to pass on a legacy of love and strength to my own children. I believe I will. Good seeds were planted from the start.

So thank you, mom, for all you have given me. For all you have taught me. For trying to keep me on the straight and narrow and installing, early on, a fairly strong moral compass (even if it has, on occasion, pointed terribly south). And for having my back, always, when I did go south. If not for you, I'd have no life. Literally.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! May you be blessed.

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Your mom is one of the best. I think we might have been introduced for some school event or a Campus Life pick up or drop off, but you always LOVED your momma with a full heart. We are a lucky bunch to have moms who loved us thru thick and thin. Give Ms. Judith a hug for me...

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