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Summer is a happy season. A favorite season. Long days. Golden afternoons. Balmy nights, Pleasant pursuits. The feeling of freedom...schools A season of lazing and daydreaming under a shade tree or on a warm, sandy beach. But this digital diva stays busy. You know what they say about idle hands? These are not those hands.

Summer, too, is a season of everything red, white and blue, at least here in the U.S. In the theme of celebrating independence and letting freedom ring, my sweet little Bee Free is a busy, well, bee. From the artwork winning a July 4th playing card contest to being courted by a national indie clothing brand, it's the opportune time to let you know that Bee Free merchandise will soon be available in The Sketchie Beast store. Make sure to add a visit to my online galleries and gift shop to your summer itinerary.



Now let me divert attention from playing card decks to skateboard decks. I have been given the opportunity to exhibit in a local art showcase, Schools Out, at Last Name Brewing in Upland, California. The two-month showcase (opening reception July 15th), will feature skateboard deck art by 20 local artists including yours truly. Watch my skateboard deck's transformational journey in this vid where you will join me in my Saturday night painting parties. It may be the extent of my 'partying' these days, but I thoroughly enjoy my creative sessions 100x more than waking up with a hangover.



I got a solid head start on the summer season (and sales) at the 28th Annual Studio Arts Festival in the lovely city of Irvine, California. Saturday, June 4, was a splendid day of warm sun and cool breezes. Pleasant coastal weather. While I was not terribly happy with my vendor space being placed on a slight incline (my display looked like it was constructed by a drunk using their feet), I did sell some of my pricier pieces which went far in reversing my disgrunt. Is that a legit word? It is now.



Not summer-related, but the fall forecast is bright as well. I was invited to showcase my artwork at Ontario International Airport, courtesy of Chaffey College Museum of Art's Art at Airport program, a coordinated effort to promote local art and artists. I am thrilled to be accepted into the program which will grant my art a six month installation starting November 16, 2022. I don't know which terminal will feature my art at this time but will keep you updated. I am truly thankful to CCMA for extending this awesome opportunity to Southern California talent.



The last few weeks have been dedicated to tribute art pieces...Doris Day (commissioned), jazz artist, Chuck Mangione and Sam Cooke. Watch a short vid below of A Change is Gonna Come as it transitions from initial sketch to glorious layered piece, inspired by the song of the same name. A sublime gospel blues song as sung by the legendary Cooke. When I listened to it on a good headset, oh, the chills and the art just flowed.



Testament is for sure one of my most serious, somber pieces to date. While I usually reserve my

cynical worldview for art so as not to burden friends and family with my gloomy outlook, there is always an underlying current of humor, as if to say, don't take this life and its machinations too seriously, this is but a small stop on a much longer journey. But Testament has deep meaning in representing domestic violence caused by an intimate partner. And if you think the art is dismal, the statistics are more so.


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