The First Artist: A Tribute to Dad

As Father's Day 2021 is upon us, this is the opportune moment to write a tribute to my father, Henry Ramos Caro, the 'First Artist' in the Caro-Clare family.

My father was a talented artist and musician. A man who mainly kept his talents hidden under a bushel. He was born an American citizen in the Philippines, his father a US Marine (and POW survivor), his mother a native who kept her Marine on that lovely, hard won island he was happy to call home. They had 4 children, my father the oldest.

Shortly after emigrating to the U.S., my father was drafted into the U.S. Army and fought his own battles on Heartbreak Ridge in Korea. PTSD would be the result of that 'tour' for the rest of his life. But there were some positives as a result of his 2-year stint in the military, Higher education was attainable. He enrolled in Pasadena City College majoring in Classical Studies and Commerical Art.